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McMurdo is located on the Antarctic continent at 77.85°S, 166.67°E. In 2004, a NdYAG laser was installed together with a new optical box.

Instrument Description

The laser has the following properties:

  • 190 mJ/pulse at 532 nm
  • 90 mJ/pulse at 1064 nm

The acquisition system has a Schmidt Cassegrain telescope with a primary mirror diameter of 14 inches (35.6 cm).The following wavelengths are monitored:

  • high polarized 532 nm
  • high polarized 532 nm
  • depolarized 532 nm
  • low polarized 532 nm
  • infrared 1064 nm
  • Raman 608 nm
  • tropospheric 532 nm

The detectors are photomultipliers (Hamamatsu) for visible wavelengths and Avalanche photodiodes for the infrared region.

Below are two time series of backscatter ratios (at 532 nm) obtained at McMurdo in the years 2007 and 2008. In 2007, there were 31 observations days and in 2008 there were 26 days with observations. Note that the large gap between days 206 and 218 in 2008 was because of a storm. The first is of a 2007 measurements showing backscatter ratio (BR) at 532 nm. The second of a 2008 measurements showing backscatter ratio (BR) at 532 nm.

This system has been relocated with some upgrades to Dome C in 2014.

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